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Comments from the President of the Dallas Geophysical Society

December 2020 President's Letter

Dear Members,

Everyone is looking forward to 2020 being in the rear-view mirror. It has been difficult overall but should not be forgotten. There have been numerous successes in our industry, and the lessons learned are important to remember but I want to gently guide everyone’s attention forward to 2021 and the opportunities for positive impact that are now available.

As an organization we have had to modernize, and rethink how we can stand together as a community. While this is an ongoing process, transitioning back to a forward-looking view I have seen incredible support from our members and appreciate everyone who continues to be a part of our society.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Holiday Social at White Rock Alehouse & Brewery on December 2! All of our guests had a chance to network in-person while following the COVID-19 restrictions set by Dallas. We all had a great time enjoying drinks, appetizers, and laughs! The Dallas Geophysical Society will try to host another in-person event in the Spring depending on the COVID-19 restrictions at that time.

Our first virtual luncheon will be kicking off tomorrow (Thursday 17th). We are pleased to host our speaker Elive Menyoli who will be presenting An Efficient Workflow for Stochastic Inversion”.

Please don’t miss out! I am hopeful to schedule more of these virtual events on a regular cadence moving forward. Please register now!

Lastly, the board STILL needs your support. We would like 2-3 more volunteers to help keep the society running smoothly. The time cost to you is minimal but the potential for industry visibility could be huge. Please contact us at to find out what opportunities we have available and how they can also help you.

We will be organizing more events in 2021. Continuing with virtual industry lectures but also social functions when possible. Keep an eye on our calendar for more details.

Happy Holidays to All,

Ruth Hammans
2020-2021 President
Dallas Geophysical Society

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Upcoming Events

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