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President’s message for September 2016

With the annual SEG conference being hosted in Dallas this year, the Board of Directors has been meeting during the summer break to prepare for our society’s booth at the venue.  We anticipate the advertising focal point for the booth will be a digital slide show projection highlighting the various reasons to join or sponsor the society. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would ask the entire member base for any suggestions or material to maximize our exposure during this fortunate opportunity.  Some ideas that have identified include:

  • Images from previous monthly luncheons, golf tournaments, crawfish boils, holiday parties, etc.
  • Historical facts about the Dallas Geophysical Society.
  • Brochure of the Dallas area highlighting restaurants and attractions.
  • Scientific and relevant booth decorations.

We are offering exhibit hall visitor passes for Monday, October 17th through Wednesday, October 19th as an incentive for members to represent the society at the booth.  Companies interested in sponsoring the Dallas Geophysical Society at the conference will receive an advertising opportunity at our booth as well as a complimentary exhibit hall visitor pass.

If you have any suggestions or are willing to volunteer at the booth, or have any interest in sponsoring the society at the SEG please do not hesitate to contact me at

The SEG is also seeking volunteers for session monitors during the technical oral and e-presentations. Those who volunteer for half of a day as a session monitor can attend the second half for free.  Please see the link on the newsletter for more information.

Beginning this month the DGS monthly luncheons will be held on the Denbury Resources campus where lunch will be furnished by the Denbury Café via Compass Catering.  I hope you will enjoy this cost cutting change in venue and as always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  To kick off this new DGS season Bryan Archer, president of Galaxy Aviation and local entrepreneur, will be presenting on the potential utility of drones in geophysics at the September 29th monthly luncheon.  I hope you will be able to attend.

Ethan Nowak


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