Comments from the President of the Dallas Geophysical Society

President’s message for June 2015

At this time, this is officially a note from the Past President.

We had a very successful Annual Meeting on May 21, and I thank everyone for your support and participation. 

I think we can say that we have successfully navigated the past year.  The attendance at the monthly meetings has been very respectable, and the social events were a great success.

Financially, we find ourselves to be on a sound (but not fat) footing.  Our assets are down from the last year, but we are in adequate shape to proceed into the year to come, with events on a similar scale as the ones last year.

We all know that our Industry is going through some very tough times.  It’s been tough on our members with numerous layoffs, and sponsorships for our various activities has been very tight.  In short, the year to come will have it’s challenges for our Society and it’s directors.

But I have to say that I am not pessimistic about the future because of the type of organization that we are.  Our monthly meetings are an opportunity to associate with friends and colleagues, maintain contacts, and maybe we can learn a thing or two from the talks.  I think these are the things that hold us together and position us to the challenges of our “roller coaster” industry.

At this point, the reigns are being handed over to your President for 2015 -2016, Sarah Reed.  Her experience with our Society has been extensive, and I am confident that you are in the best hands possible.

Let me make one last pitch for membership renewal.  The memberships expire at the end of this month.  Also, don’t forget the SEG DISC course by Oz Yilmaz July 14.

Happy, hunting.  See you at Brookhaven in September.


Don Macpherson
President 2014-2015
Dallas Geophysical Society

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