History of the Dallas Geophysical Society

The Dallas Geophysical Society was established in 1947 and has been in continuous operation since then.

We have in our possession a little brown book containing the roster from 1952. Dallas was a bustling hub in the oil and gas industry at that time. Dozens of companies sponsored the society. Each member of the society was asked to give six pieces of information about themselves. The sixth item was the name of their wife.

The Year in Review 2015 – 2016

Overview: It was a bad year for the oil and gas industry. Many of our colleagues lost their jobs and many companies could not hold on for better times. Our roster diminished significantly. We plan to cash in one or more of our reserve CDs to keep our finances in the black.

On a positive note, the luncheon speakers were excellent. The holiday party at the Arboretum was a huge success. The golf tournament was delayed until June, but it was also a success.

September Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: Dimitri Bevc

Topic: Full Waveform Inversion: Challenges, Opportunities and Impact

October Luncheon:

Location: Denbury

Speaker: Dan Whitmore

Topic: Concepts and applications of imaging with multiples and primaries.

November joint DGGS Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: Brian Fuller

Topic: Permanent Borehole Geophones used to Improve Reservoir Management

December Holiday Party:

Location: Dallas Arboretum, DeGolyer House

January Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: Paul Anderson

Topic: Strange but True Stories of Synthetic Seismograms

February Joint DGGS Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: Arthur E. Berman

Topic: The Crude Oil Export Ban – What, Me Worry About Peak Oil?

March Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: Jim Cannon

Topic: A New Technology Prospect in CO2 Surveillance

April Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven

Speaker: SEG Distinguished Lecturer Joe Dellinger

Topic: Forensic data processing – Revealing your data’s hidden stories

May Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon:

Location: Brookhaven for the last time because they became Politically Intolerable

Speaker: SEG President John Bradford

Topic: Outlook for Applied Geophysics: Communicating the Social Contribution

Annual Golf Tournament:

Location: Old American Golf Club

Date: June 6, 2016

History of the Dallas Geophysical Society Officers

Year       President           1st Vice President      Secretary
           President-Elect     2nd Vice President      Treasurer
           Past President                              Webmaster

2015-2016  Sarah Reed          Trevor Richards         Diane Brownlee
           Ethan Nowak         Julie Owen              Carola Ellinger        
           Don Macpherson                              Dan Nietupski / Chris Carter

2014-2015  Don Macpherson      Erin Medina             Diane Brownlee
           Sarah Reed          Julie Shipley           Albert Scutt
           Stu Nelan                                   Dillon LaFoy/Dan Nietupski

2013-2014  Stu Nelan           Erin Medina             Diane Brownlee
           Don Macpherson      Sarah Reed              Arnab Saha/Albert Scutt
           Keith Brownlee                              Dillon LaFoy

2012-2013  Keith Brownlee      Craig Walter            Diane Brownlee
           Stu Nelan           Sarah Reed              Arnab Saha

2011-2012  Daniel Buehner      Craig Walter            Diane Brownlee
           Keith Brownlee      Alfred Berroteran       Dillon LaFoy

2010-2011  Wayne Edson         Keith Brownlee          Trevor Richards
           Daniel Buehner      Alfred Berroteran       Dillon LaFoy

2009-2010  Naresh Kumar        Daniel Buehner          Alfred Berroteran
           Wayne Edson         Nancy Alexander         Keith Brownlee

2008-2009  Daniel Winn         Wayne Edson             Mary Davis
           Naresh Kumar        Daniel Buehner          Tracey Skopinski

2007-2008  Charles Sicking     Naresh Kumar            Dennis Kucinskas
           Daniel Winn         Mary Davis              Tracey Skopinski

2006-2007  Tracy Stark         Daniel Winn             Mary Davis
           Charles Sicking     Al Garcia               Tracey Skopinski

2005-2006  Mike Lieser         Gaylon Haigood          Mary Davis
           Tracy Stark         Al Garcia               Will Sass

2004-2005  Steve Plybon        Gaylon Haigood          Tracy Stark
           Mike Lieser         Mary Davis              Will Sass

2003-2004  Bobby Greenwood     Mike Lieser             Tracy Stark
           Steve Plybon        Gaylon Haigood          Brian Williams

2002-2003  Ernest S. Siraki    Mike Lieser             Steven Plybon
           Bobby Greenwood     Michael Mahnke          Brian Williams

2001-2002  Wayne J. Edson      Doug Johnson            Steven Plybon
           Ernest S. Siraki    Jim Gaines              David L. McCabe

2000-2001  Glenn L. Davis      Patrick C. Buckley      David L. McCabe
           Wayne J. Edson      Mark Glasshof           Michael Lieser

1999-2000  James A. Carroll    Michael D. McCormack    Brian Lindsey
           Glenn Davis         Robert W. Schelhorn     Todd Stallings

1998-1999  Barbara Barnes      Jay Carroll             Glenn Davis
           Sudarshan Singh     Sandi Smith             Ted Coughran

1997-1998  Victoria Sublette   James O’Connell         Glenn Davis
                               Aaron Adams             Robert Bonacquisti

1996-1997  Tim Hebden          Sudarshan Singh         Randy Pharis
                               Vivian Hussey           Mike Craven

1995-1996  Barry Weinman       Barbara Barnes          Bobby Greenwood
                               Reed Haythorne          John Plappert

1994-1995  Angela Stracner     James Galbraith         Michael Mueller
                               Tim Hebden              Steve Sabrier

1993-1994  David Fruhling      Ernest S. Siraki        Sudarshan Singh
                               Jess Kozman             Annette Borkowski

1992-1993  James Schuelke      Michael Burnaman        Barbara Barnes
                               Ernest S. Siraki        James Carroll

1991-1992  Gary Hoge           Barry Weinman           Victoria Sublette
                               Verill Rinehart         Alfred Berroteran

1990-1991  Maurice Cox         Stewart Levin           Jess Kozman
                               Melinda Truskowski      Dwight Eggers

1989-1990  James DiSiena       Wayne Edson             Debra Weber
                               Angela Stracner         David Fruhling

1988-1989  Rodney Cotton       Susan Perrell           Michael Burnaman
                               James Schuelke          Gaylon Haigood

1987-1988  C. D. Gray          James DiSiena           Karen Christopherson
                               Keith Burkart           Michael Mueller

1986-1987  Joe Sharp           Stanley Laster          Susan Perrell
                               Rodney Cotton           Angela Stracner

1985-1986  Lynne Edleson       C. D. Gray              G. G. Sorrells
                               Joel Davis              Joe D. Parker

1984-1985  James D. Robertson  Joe Sharp               Larry Birdwell
                               Judith Paine            Keith Burkhart

1983-1984  James E. Fix        T. Murphy               R. Trapp
                               A. R. Brown             B. N. Wood

1982-1983  Marion Bone         G. D. Hair              A. E. McGlaughlin
                               C. D. Gray              Lynne Edleson

1981-1982  Earl Price          James E. Fix            J. R. Petipas
                               G. D. Hair              T. Murphy

1980-1981  Robert Peacock      Marion Bone             J. F. Fuller
                               G. W. Jones, Jr.        Gary Hoge

1979-1980  Robert Graebner     K. H. Carter            James D. Robertson
                               K. W. Densing           C. L. Knight

1978-1979  Louis Castelli      W. E. Crawford          D. R. Palmore
                               W. E. Jackson           Joe Sharp

1977-1978  George McCalpin     D. M. Lawler            Karen Kellogg Shaw
                               Robert Graebner         G. W. Jones, Jr.

1976-1977  David Saliba        George McCalpin         F. D. Totzke
                               Robert Peacock          W. E. Crawford

1975-1976  Edwin Neitzel       R. E. Brannian          Virgil St. Clair
                               David Saliba            Jack Oslin

1974-1975  John W. Bell, Jr.   Edwin Neitzel           James Yancy
                               R. E. Brannian          Kenneth Carter

1973-1974  H. R. McCormack     John W. Bell, Jr.       R. E. Brannian
                               Edwin Neitzel           Don Lawler

1972-1973  Ben Giles           Richard Fox             Edwin Neitzel
                               H. R. McCormack         R. E. Brannian
                               John W. Bell, Jr.

1971-1972  Kenneth Burg        Ben Giles               John W. Bell, Jr.
                               Richard Fox             Steven Hall

1970-1971  A. W. Musgrave      John Cook               Richard Fox
                               Ben Giles               John W. Bell, Jr.

1969-1970  Harold Kidder       Richard Arnett          Ben Giles
                               Harold Herr             Richard Fox

1968-1969  J. H. Hamilton      H. J. Kidder            R. N. Gsell
                               W. N. Farmer            Harold Herr

1967-1968  Frank Rollins       J. H. Hamilton          W. N. Farmer
                               H. J. Kidder            P. K. Samplet

1967-1968  Frank Rollins       J. H. Hamilton          W. N. Farmer
                               H. J. Kidder            P. K. Samplet

1966-1967  Ilya Mamantov       Edgar Stulken           George McCalpin
                               Jack Hamilton

1965-1966  John A. Waller, Jr. Ilya Mamantov           Jack Hamilton
                               James D. Vance, Jr.

1964-1965  Richard Geyer       James Frasher           James Yancy
                               Ilyya Mamantov

1963-1964  Milton Hathaway     Richard Geyer           Ilya Mamantov
                               Richard Arnett

1962-1963  W. B. Heroy, Jr.    Frank Rollins           H. L. Voelker
                               John Waller

1961-1962  Howard Cobb         Chas. M. Moore, Jr.     John Waller
                               Philip Lawrence
                               Pierson Ralph

1960-1961  E. F. McMullen      F. J. McDonal           Stuart Mut
                               E. J. Jasinski

1959-1960  Henry Dunlap        Elbert McMullen         William B. Heroy, Jr.
                               Milton Hathaway

1958-1959  Martin Kelsey       John Cathey             M. K. Smith, Jr.
                               William Woolley

1957-1958  Robert Rettger      Chester Donnally        William Woolley
                               Albert Musgrave

1956-1957  John Lester         Henry Dunlap            Milton Hathaway
                                Glenn Conklin

1955-1956  R. C. Dunlap, Jr.   Martin Kelsey           John Geer
                               Tom Pickett, Jr.

1954-1955  C. G. Dahm          J. D. Perryman          E. J. Stulken
                               J. A. Lester

1953-1954  Milton Dobrin       C. G. Dahm              W. J. Harkey
                               R. H. Andrews

1952-1953  J. P. Woods         Milton Dobrin           C. G. Dahm
                               Howard Cobb

1951-1952  Ray Dobyns          R. E. Rettger           Howard Cobb
                               Martin Kelsey

1950-1951  R. R. Shugart       J. P. Woods             F. H. Kennedy
                               W. R. Mitchell

1949-1950  O. C. Clifford, Jr. Ray Dobyns              T. R. Shugart
                               H. C. McCarver

1948-1949  W. W. Newton        R. E. Burg              W. G. Smiley, Jr.
                               Ray Dobyns

1947-1948  A. E. McKay         W. W. Newton            Ray Dobyns
                               C. J. Donnally

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