Comments from the President of the Dallas Geophysical Society

October 2020 President's Letter

Dear Members,

As your Geophysical Society President for 2020 I would like to bring you some good news. We have a golf tournament scheduled this Thursday for those comfortable competing in the outdoors environment. I would like to wish everyone participating a safe and enjoyable event.

Until further notice, Dallas Geophysical Society luncheons are on hold until such time that we can bring them back in person. We are working hard as your board members to conceptualize meaningful virtual events in the coming months for members to attend. Planning is underway for a virtual happy hour for the group to participate via virtual meeting. We are also securing some virtual speakers to present relevant and informative talks in the coming months. More information will be available as these events are finalized. If you have ideas, or feel that you can contribute to the group, please contact the society at with your thoughts.

The board NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. We are still looking for 2-3 more volunteers to help keep the society running smoothly. As our industry is adapting to new operational requirements an all-hands on deck approach is needed to push our initiatives forward. In any changing environment there are new opportunities, and collectively the society need to identify and capitalize on those opportunities.

On a more personal note, please communicate with your fellow members, friends, and colleagues. The physical as well as mental health of society members directly affect our collective future. Please take a moment to reflect and reach out to your community to keep lines of communication open. We are here to keep the community together and offer support to anyone affected by 2020 events.

The society appreciates your membership and continued support. While we work diligently to plan the 2020-21 calendar we would like to remind you to renew your membership on our website:

We will be sending more information with virtual events, including happy hours, informal talks, and industry lectures as the calendar is finalized.



Ruth Hammans
2020-2021 President
Dallas Geophysical Society

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