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Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy – Extracting Geologic Insights from 3D Seismic Data

Henry W. Posamentier

The application of seismic geomorphology and seismic stratigraphy to exploration and field development is a natural consequence of the advent of high-quality and increasingly more affordable and widespread 3D seismic data currently available. Integrating analyses of plan view (geomorphologic) and section view (stratigraphic) images can significantly enhance predictions of the spatial and temporal distribution of subsurface lithology (reservoir, source, and seal), compartmentalization, and stratigraphic trapping capabilities, as well as enhanced understanding of process sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy.

This course is designed to enhance interpretation skill sets with regard to geologic interpretation of seismic data. The overall objective is to present methods for reducing risk with regard to prediction of lithology, reservoir compartmentalization, and stratigraphic trapping potential in exploration and production. Specifically, the participant will be shown:

  • workflows designed to facilitate extraction of stratigraphic insights from 3D seismic data
  • techniques for 3D seismic geomorphologic/stratigraphic analyses
  • numerous seismic examples of various depositional systems in various depositional settings

Participants in the course will be exposed to seismic geomorphologic/stratigraphic workflows, which involve 1) initial reconnaissance through 3D volumes with various slicing techniques using a variety of different seismic attribute volumes, and 2) subsequently focus on features of geologic interest and further investigate through a combination of detailed interrogation techniques.

30 Jan 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm CST

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  • The University of Texas at Arlington